Windows Server 2022 Available

We will be rolling out the availability of Windows 2022 for new and rebuilt cloud and dedicated servers. Some key improvements noted Increased security, DNS support over HTTPs and multiple new encryption techniques are now supported. Better networking thanks to upgraded TLS, UDP, TCP and reduced CPU load resulting in improved packet loss ... Read More »

3rd May 2022
Secure your data with backups for PC, VPS, Servers and local devices

Product highlight: Acronis backup solution through HOSTAFRICA Enjoy one backup plan that covers multiple devices and brings you peace of mind for your digital space at an affordable price. All your data is backed up and secured locally in our South African data centres. You'll have the ability to backup Linux, Windows, VPS, dedicated servers, ... Read More »

20th Apr 2022
Horde Temporarily Disabled on all Web Servers

We've temporarily disabled Horde mailing services on all our shared and managed cPanel servers to protect our clients from a nine-year unpatched security vulnerability. Follow the link for more information

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15th Mar 2022
NEW! Budget Dedicated Servers

Great news clients! We just launched our new Discounted Dedicated Servers. What are they? These are pre-built servers that were recently decommissioned and are still highly performant, making them super value for money. Who are these server ideal for? If you’re on a tight budget or looking to reduce business expenses, or you’re looking ... Read More »

9th Mar 2022
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